Making a game about social anxiety during a pandemic

I’ve always wanted to make a game that tried to represent how social anxiety might affect someone. During the years I had several ideas until I settled into the one I’m currently making.

It’s not a new concept or a groundbreaking idea (“Pet the Pup At The Party” by Will Herring is my biggest inspiration) but it’s simple and it conveys what I want. You are at a party and the more time you are surrounded by people the worst it feels.

While making the game, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the concept of an house party became impossible to imagine. In fact, being surrounded by people became scarier for a different reason altogether. This game about social anxiety could almost be retooled as an horror game where you could catch a deadly virus.

This realization came to me later than it should. I had thought about this concept for a long time and I didn’t even realize what I was making and how out of place it was given the mental space a lot of people are in these days.

On top of that, now that vaccination is available in certain parts of the world, the longer I take to release it the closer I will be to releasing a game about social anxiety in a world that is full of people craving the contact of others. It will be a game about hating parties in a world that’s throwing parties like never before!

The pandemic hasn’t cured my social anxiety and everything in the game is still true to me but I’m releasing it in the weirdest and worst time possible given it’s subject.

Miguel Condez @miguelcondez